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have you all watched the movie "exoricism of emily rose".

i just did it, and it made me feel awful.

the show's a really good one. it made me as a believer, a stronger believer.
the show potrays a very strong believer who got possesed, but because of God's will, decided to suffer, just for HIM.(those who watched will know).

it really touched me in a way. i have been a christian all my live but have been a very bad one, ive strayed from the path time and time again. but this show really touched my heart, i shall work my way back in faith and belief back to the path of christ.

in overall what i percieved from the show, was about how we christians live our lives. in good times we neglect God and be the worst kinds of christians we can be. in really bad times, when we're lost and have no more hope and faith in ourselves, then we turn to God. the show touched me in this way, reminding me of the jackass that i have been. i almost teared in shame and guilt, but i know in a way God spoke to me. ive been neglecting God, always. and i was so touched by the strength and courage of emily. and how the world look at our belives as just a religion. we(bros & sis of christ) are very lucky, we didnt have to live true the life of emily. she was a true woman of God, a warrior. one that we have to look upon of. because the 6 demons that were in her could not be exorcised, she was give a choice. a decision she had to make with God, whether to leave and live in eternity with our lord and savior, or to live in pain and suffering, but show and warn the world, the dangers of the devil himself. she chose to be a living testimony, she shown us that the devil could ruin our very lives. she had been a heroin and had taught us how real the dangers of the devil could be.

all in all the shows a good one, whether you're a believer or not.

i heard from a friend whom one had his caregroup leader told him. if God's grace cannot save you, God's plague will. like emily qouted on her grave, from phillipians 10(if i can rmb) "work to salvation throughe fear and pain"

i hope this can start an active discussion, whether about the movie or not.
really?mu cousin wanted me to come along with ther to watch it juz now after my church but in the end the tickets sold out!!!damn...

at 1st i had bad impressions of the movie as i thot it was some horror movie..but still wanted to come along anywei,as i wont be staying here much longer...

hey nak,u wrote tt most ppl 4get God wen they r hepi n in a gd situation but cry out 4 God wen they r in difficult situations...
well,to be frank,if i'm in a v. difficult situation,sometimes i'l blame God!but also,at the same time,call to Him 4 help...tt may be a v. wrong thing to do man...

hey nak,it's ok if u fall but repent..our awesome God is forgiving...

God bless u bro..

hep seeking n growing in Him!!!
right on shredcow, just watched the movie in the evening. It brought out the feel good moral of the story, i can imagine if the crux of the whole affair is being featured as the punchline of this movie.....it will be axed even before production starts.

All in all, a fairly acceptable attempt for this show....cheap scares and whatnots.
n?i thot roman catholic n christians almost the same..juz tt they(catholics) do something tt we (protestant christians) dont (eg. tt mary thingy,priesthood,etc.)...
i can never understand how pple can think it's God's will for some to suffer.
and how suffering makes us better and stronger christians for the glory of His kingdom etc etc.
Turbo, its called faith... :)

bin, you should check up the differences between Roman Catholics (RC) and Protestants. There are very big differences, not just face value.

Reason I don't want to talk about the differences here is... I don't think it will be wise lah...
bish, it's human factor, shred -_-

faith is when you humanly make a mistake and ask for His help. then you have to have faith that his wisdom will come upon you.

there's alot of misquoting and misguided doctrines, and it's sad.
nak said:
i heard from a friend whom one had his caregroup leader told him. if God's grace cannot save you, God's plague will. like emily qouted on her grave, from phillipians 10(if i can rmb) "work to salvation throughe fear and pain"

Hmmm... .where did your friend's caregroup leader get that qoute/information from?

Be careful nak, how ppl quote things, esp excerpts from Scripture...

Too many times its out of context, just grab that couple of words and say, hey see, the Bible says this or that...

In all, I hope the movie has done more good than bad for you. :)
yeaup, topical teaching is horrendous but it's still being done across the pulpit even now...

sad. taking everything out of context.
turbochicken said:
faith is when you humanly make a mistake and ask for His help. then you have to have faith that his wisdom will come upon you.

Pardon me turbo, but there is more.

How we know that God has our interests at heart when He allows suffering to come upon us... Is purely from the Bible, because He says so.

And without having to see or hear Him come and tell me personally, I believe and have faith in what He says.
eh what my friend's cg leader said was related to that verse. philipians 10 if i rmb correctly.. well modern day catholics are going in the name of christ from what i heard.

but actually, where we all branced out from was just 1 thing. christianity. we all believe in the same 1 God that's the main point to me.
nak said:
where we all branced out from was just 1 thing. christianity. we all believe in the same 1 God that's the main point to me.

i agree. but there are still differences. like how we RCs venerate mother mary, and ask her to intercede for us during novena devotions on saturdays. from what i understand, while most christians agree that she's all she is, they don't approve of asking of her to intercede etc.

but essentially, as said by this parish priest of mine, "jesus will save all, regardless of religion, so long as he is willing to be saved."

some pple, when reading that last sentence, figure its alright to just not be catholic/christian/whatever. but being in the religion means having a "reference point". u can read the bible for inspiration and courage, u can pray the rosary when in need, u can call upon HIM for divine intervention in dire times, it gives u that "security" so to speak.

just my 5 cents share, correct me if i'm wrong, no offense was meant to anyone. (btw, since this is a kinda like a religion-discussion, i'll add this disclaimer to the end of all my posts in this thread ^^)
some pple, when reading that last sentence, figure its alright to just not be catholic/christian/whatever.

so its not ok? i dont wanna start anything here but i ddnt get what u meant... anyway whoever you believe in, the higher power will save us when we need to be saved, regardless of religion.
ok i've been to catechism classes. for those who dunno wat catechism classes are. it's like..those religious teachings.. sometimes u hear muslims say.. eh i go religious class. catechism is like the same la.

well yea i'm RC. and during one class. we discussed about cults/occults and stuff. talking about the devil's smartass ways to attract pple. then oso got talk about the church of satan. which is kinda cool in a way.. but plain idiotic.
during a satan's MASS, they steal the holy communion before hand and during mass the priest tramples and pees on it. and some other sex and animal rituals and stuff. and yah.. they do have high priests for the church of satan just like we RCs have the pope and stuff.

my catechism teacher says that us RCs are so weak in our faith and we take God for granted.everytime we go receive holy communion. we just receive it cuz it's a normal thing we do every weekend. but look deeper into your roots. we are actually taking Our Lord's flesh for goodness sake. it's supposed to be sacred and special. and we jsut eat it like normal roti and go back and sleep throughout the rest of the mass.
even the devil believes in God. if u dumb a mountain of the holy communion on a floor..say.. a 2-story pile of communion where u only hide ONE blessed communion and the rest are not blessed, a priest from the church of satan can detect that ONE.

be aware of wat's going on around u guys. don't be a sucker and believe watever u see. have any of u guys watch "The passion of Christ?"
i have. and i found the movie rather touching. but during my catechism class about cults/occults, my teacher said something about the show la.. i really can't remember. but just to tell u guys.. just keep your eyes peeled. "The passion of Christ" isn't wat it seems to be.

and to the Christians. i really hate the word PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS. it's sounds like.. we're making u an outcast and i don't like that since we belive in the same God i agree.

ok to the Christians. let me ask u a question. havent u prayed the "Hail Mary" prayer? let me quote a line from the prayer

"Holy Mary, Mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS, now and at the hour of our death. Amen"
from wat i know. the Christians pray the Hail Mary prayer too. and from wat i can see from the prayer. u are already asking Mother Mary to intercede for your own problems and needs.

i'm sure u guys have heard of Our Lady appearing in so far.. 3 areas already? haven't u guys wondered. Y isit that it's Mother Mary appearing. and not Jesus Christ himself? this is because Mother Mary IS and HAS ALWAYS been helping us by interceding in our sins and problems before God actually judges us. Mother Mary appeared to children. telling them of wat's gonna happen in the future. about world war 2, russia's communism how it WW2 ended and stuff. and all of it came true. She was interceding and warining us of changing our sinful ways. Throughout this while we had always needed Mother Mary to help in our lives. Don't take her for just a figurehead and take her for granted too.

and yah. Faith is believing without seeing. yet again Believing is one thing. Following is another.
hello nak

good to hear you have made a decision to make your life right in the Lord.

I am personally going through a very bad time this year. God revealed to me at the start of this year that i will have many problems this year, and i would have to push them aside and put complete trust in him until the end.

indeed i went through a lot this year, but God never seemed to be there for me.

but now its towards the end of the year, as i look back i can see that God never failed to put me through any difficulities. he even helped me overcome problems with sexual sin to an extent and many many other problems.

God never forsakes us, He never ever does. just that we can't see him through all our ignorance and pride.

i have strayed away many times too, and even this, we cannot do it ourselves. God himself put within me a passion to stay close with him, soemtimes even by harsh means because of His great love.

Nak hope that it all goes well for you.
faith without action is dead
lars_ulrich :: what i meant is that, having a religion is good for u. if u look at the religions around the world, i mean stuff that are wholesome, not some crazed cults etc, then u can see that they all teach generally the same thing. be good to ur neighbours, love everyone, be slow to anger, etc etc. they all preach love. this helps to bring out the best in society. what i meant is that some people figure that, since i'll be saved anyway, i don't need religion, but then, they don't look at what religion does for them and allows them to do for others.

drummer, thats quite a cool compo. but to add on a little on certain points...

firstly, about the movies related to the universal church, and our faith, regardless of christian nor catholic. essentially, they are movies. they are shows, they were meant to entertain, to a certain extent. they were filmed to bring in profits, so to speak. in the case of the passion of christ, while the story is based on the bible, its always best not to accept everything that media tells u. in the case of catholics, i'd say just listen to the pope :) but even then, its always healthy to think about these things on ur own. to strengthen faith, u must question. by questioning, u get answers, and thus u seal the cracks in ur faith, so to speak.

secondly, the next time jesus comes is "like a thief in the night" and "when all is peaceful". since its stated as so in the bible, and for RCs, refer to today's gospel, then we can assume that jesus would not appear to any of us mortals already. i suppose its kinda mother mary's role, as the queen of saints, to appear and guide us. the saints while, also "available" to intercede for us, arent quite as "powerful" as mary, seeing as most of them were born with sin etc, whereas bible states that mary was born w/o sin. thus its pretty obvious to infer that mary, aside from god, has been given the "ability" to appear before us and change us.

thirdly, i think the term "protestant christians" came from sometime in archaic england, where martin luther king (i think) broke away from the catholic church due to some disagreements regarding scripture or somesuch. thus the "protest" part in the name. at least, thats what i was told during bible-knowledge class in school, and the teacher could be wrong.

p.s. hope i didnt bore u guys out with another lengthy post, just thought to share my thoughts. also, once again, no offense was meant to anyone in anyway, please correct me if im wrong.
Marin Luther King? :? :?:

Isn't the history older than that? In the old days, some people did not like how Roman Catholics had to go to the priest to pray to God and some other rules, so they made their own church. Of course, both religions changed a lot throughout the ages.

The movie is not as scary as I thought it would but the "based on true story" thing makes it scary. But yea, it reinforces my belief on the religion. The exorcism part with the real recordings of daemonic voices is the part with most impact. My friend also told me about Muslim exorcisms and other rites of exorcism from other beliefs.

The ironic thing was, after the movie was over I noticed this guy with some satanic symbols on his shirt... :evil:
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