Dimarzio PAF Pickups


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Hi everybody,

I'm tinking of changing my pickups to Dimarzio PAF. How many kinda PAF pickups are there & what are each pickups good for?

Looking at Humbuckers.
hmm i happen to have a 2000 copy of the Dimarzio brochure with me... so i scanned a copy of it.

hope DiMarzio doesn't sue me though for scanning this... i'm promoting their stuff for them! XD

** soft, if there's any probs with the pic below, let me know, i'll remove it asap. **

personally i've tried a PAF Pro at athe bridge.. it's a little to trebly for me. However the pickups with distortion sounds very good.

i've also tried a SD JB-Jr (bridge too) and personally i prefer the JB-Jr.

the latest PAF is of course the PAF Joe. satriani had this in favour of the PAF Pro in his guitar, you can take the cue from him 8)

coming back to the PAF discussion, the yellow humbucker in my RG560 above, is the PAF model. unlike thor666, i don't hear much treble from it, it's one of the smoothest humbucker i own. it was there to replace the Tone Zone which didn't quite fulfil my needs.
Although the thread's abt PAF stuff, I must say that the Dimarzio Breeds are AWESOME vintage humbuckers with lots of power. Warm and fat like a PAF but with more mids and power.
F-spaced simply means Floyd Spaced.

Floyd Rose trems have a wider string spacing than normal... so the F-Spaced pup is slightly wider to compensate for that.

Tonewise, most ppl say you can't tell even if you used a non f-spaced pup... but to some there is a difference esp with the Bridge pup. (Since the string spacing tapers down narrower toward the neck the neck pup doesn't need to be f-spaced).

Cosmetically... normal spaced pups will look weird in a Floyd Rose equipped axe... like the poles aren't aligned. This is the biggest reason lah... :)
Hey neuro why do u wanna change ur pups to PAF? wad guitar are u using and the woods?

U might wanna try SD 59'/JB combi for that 'Patent Applied For' sounding. Or u can try the Jazz/JB combi. Very versatile combination for ur type of music.

Theres no one type or PUPs for a type of music. Its all about versatility and ur sounding.

Hi guys, I using Agathis wood body (ESP LTD EX-50).

Not sure if its a good wood or not, I'm also using EMG-81s w this wood material. Any suggestions?

I played a RG in Swee Lee todae & e INF3 & INF4 pups are killers!!

I might wanna buy an RG down.
neuro, how long have you been playing guitar? Not too long I guess?

I would like to advise you on this issue of tone... like for the amp...

Its good that you want to know how this sounds and that sounds... but really, since you are so new, I would advise to you to just do that. Just continue finding out.. .but hold back on buying first.

Relax.. listen to opinions, and reviews.... then on your part, go play with different axes, pickups, amps and effects... take your time... Give yourself say... 1 good year of doodling around...

in the meantime, save up some cash.

Then after that year, you will now have a better understanding of what you really need and want.

I hope this helps you. Be patient. Really.

I played for 3 years but abt e geez & wheez of e parts & tones im not v sure. quite newbie tho. thanks for e advice man :)