Digitec Whammy

I never tried it but I have read reviews/reports that the original Whammy pedal is the best sounding one.

Anyway, look at Mattias Elkundh... who needs are whammy pedal? ;) Then again.. Victor Smolski of Rage uses it to great effect! Heh. Some food for thought.
i own one and i'll stand by it as one of the best pitch shifting effects with a treadle to control the effect, it can even double up as a chorus pedal which i use alot. it's well built and everything about it speaks 'high quality'. If you want something different from your current sound then it is a must get.
don get in Singapore

very exp

get it in US.. i am getting a stewARD frenz of mine to get it ther..

the old one in 80 might be good...

but then it don have Detune function...
nope. check out audioslave - like a stone solo for that effect.

i'm not sure what other recordings have that... hehe.. don't really use/adore it.