Different Opinions From Different people..


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Wana bring up one topic here. When you compose your songs/music, and u normally let different ppl here and : Different Opinions From Different people. So who will you "choose" to listen to? I mean like i made one song. And there are so many types of comments. One likes "a" part while the other thinks "a" part sucks etc. What will you do if you're caught in such a dilemma?
always accept opinions. but with a pinch of salt.

i mean... ask everyone. some people will be more receptive than others. all the advice is useful in various extents. but some people can be clearly biased (i hate ska music!) kinda thing... so accept their opinions with a pinch of salt.

at the end of the day, the music is yours to decide.
haha we have that constantly.. but end of the day i guess the decision lies with the part that u really feel comfortable with. but thats just my opinion.
i evaluate the comments given...and of course if they do improve the quality/overall sound of the song i'd do it..if not i'll just put it one side...
agreed. i don't show my stuff (not that there's much to show) to people unless i'm ready to let it get picked apart. and even then I take their advice gently. in the end I like to think I know what's best for my work.
haha for me, i'll jus listen to whatever they say, and see if it fits to improve the song. diff people has diff music taste. :)
haha.. i guess the worst is all ur band members each have different opinions on a certain part haha.. then hard to decide liao lol..
haha what if everyone even your friends u asked thinks your music sucks but your band still thinks its quite good? :twisted:
dun listen to anyone that says "a" part sucks or whatsoever. unless, they tell u how to improve that part. yerp.
opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

:D ultimately very little of what any of us says here on the forums will affect anyone else. anyway just go for it and do whatever you want, most people already have a decision in mind anyway and ask for opinions just to take comfort in the fact that someone else agrees with their choice.
nicely said serialninja :) I never tell anyone anything negative about their work unless I can say what I think might improve it. respect for others' work and intellectual property.
Believe in your music. But you must understand one thing - you may think it sound good and others may disagree.