Demons & Wizards


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MAN, I just heard the title track of Touched by the Crimson King... I AM GETTING THE ALBUM!!!

Hansi has AMAZING vocals and Shaffer is undoubtly king of the riffing machine...

If the rest of the new album (TBTCK) is anything as per this track, its better than their self titled debut!!!

Fans of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth... you MUST HAVE the Demons & Wizards catalouge... They combine the elements of both bands.. the intricancy of Hansi's vocal parts and the sheer crushing power/speed of Schaffer's riffing...

Anyone has listened to Demons & Wizards?
Ofcourse, The fiddler on the green is one of the greatest ballads of all time and I absolutely love Hansi Kursch's voice, so naturally I'm a huge Blind Guardian fan as well...
Yea, their good stuff. But I still like Iced Earth best, wif Matt Barlow on vocals that is. Now he has a very nice hair cut and wears a cop suit everyday. what a waste
i used to have the demons & wizards album in my com before format. I was an iced earth fan till they changed to ripper owens. must listen to their cover of Immigrant Song in TBTCK! Led Zep would have been proud!
Wow... for a moment i thought no one in Singapore knows abt them. ;)

Matthew Barlow is a riddiculously good vocalist. And the best part is, I believe he sang for the passion of it. I mean, if you are after the dough, why decide to be a cop after 9/11?

I have Alive in Athens and for a venue with just 5000 fans, they sound like 100,000 screaming mad fanatics. Fantastic live album, one of the best... with Blind Guardian's Imaginations.. Live.

Immigrant Song eh? Heh... does it have Schaffer's ripping riffing? :twisted:

Actually, Tim Owens is pretty nice... I mean, its not like he (tim) came in and started slagging barlow off like how Schaffer did. :roll:
Shredcow: Yeah, insane riffing. my last comment about owens is cause i've always preferred matt barlow to him. And yes, Immigrant Song...if stairway to heaven was once termed to be a satanic song.....the immigrant song here would be the satanic hymn :lol:

I think these guys train their palm muting and triplets 24/ digging out old Iced Earth tracks to listen hahaha
Whoa, demons & wizards turned into an Iced earth discussion haha...Yeah alive in Athens, awesome live album man, I remembered when I was in sec2, me and my friend visited tower records, saw that album, the 3cd version, he told me he wanted to buy it, the next day, I brought the money, went home 68bucks lesser, and he wasnt happy haha...gotta say my favourite iced earth songs were from the Stormrider album, too bad that singer sucked..but those songs when performed with Barlow in Athens, fwua power!!
I guess i'm the only one here who thinks TBTCK is a disappointment :oops: I still prefer the self titled album, one of the best metal collaboration ever. It seems to me that hansi n schaffer were doing their own things. Hansi sounds too much like blind guardian while schaffer sounds too much like Iced Earth. They have some pretty nice songs though but their unique strengths didn't meld together as well as their debut album.
i got the 3 disc live album at 50 bucks . hahahahha . you've been RIPPED OFF! haha. niways iced earth is definitely one of my top 10 fav bands . grew up listening to it, infected the some of my bandmates with it . hahaha