Decent and cheap wah wah pedal

I got my vox 2 years back for $100. Real steal of a deal. It's starting to behave a little cranky with all the use but i still love it nonetheless.

No knobs no nothing! Just WAH away :D

The Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah looks interesting though..
Cloudsky said:
Can anyone recommend a decent and cheap wah pedal? :D

Get the Ibanez Weeping Demon. Its 150 i think... built real well and very versatile...

Its the most tweakable wah too... plus very quiet...

However, its tone is more towards the modern slant... not traditional...
don't get a cheap one man, save up and get a Teese wah frm mrmisse or a fulltone clyde standard wah, or you can get a Vox and get it modded

just my 2 cents 8)
Bruce said:
don't get a cheap one man,

That's a good piece of advice you've got there. Wah's are more susceptible to wear and tear so it'll really help if you got a good unit which'll last. Remember to choose the Wah which sounds best to you.
any idea where i can try wah pedals? They are not like guitars where i can just take them off the shelve and try.