Counting down to the Gibson Firebird X!


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Hey guys. I was at the Gibson website just now and I felt that this guitar was very interesting. Let's talk about the Gibson Firebird X.

Firstly, I'm actualy very impressed by the fact that Gibson is actually coming up with new ideas all the time instead of just sticking to their roots. Experimental yes but I guess that's most probably because Gibson can afford to be experimental. IMO they should just focus more attention on their Gibson Les Paul R series since those are selling like hotcakes. Then again, staying fresh doesn't hurt anyone now does it?

With so many different effects on this guitar, doesn't it remind you of Matthew Bellemy's Manson guitar? It is cool having switches sticking out here and there but it makes playing guitar become so complicated!

I think the latest trend in modern guitars is to make them chambered and throw in a piezo bridge (think along the lines of the new Musicman JPX). Good combination? I won't be so sure considering that there is very little wood left after shaving so much off to fit the electronics. I tried a fellow soft member's Musicman JPX7 and was blown away by how loud it was acoustically. It was a good thing.

A very interesting feature would be the Brazilian Angelim Rajado fingerboard. I wonder how it would affect the sound. wouldn't it be great if it could be an alternative to Brazilian Rosewood? The figure of the wood is amazingly sexy. If only it was on more affordable guitars. I wouldn't mind trying one.

Is it me or does Gibson like to put Robo tuners on all of their "new age designed" guitars? I always felt they were more of a hassle than a joy to use. I like the fact that they make it look so easy to use in the videos. Maybe I just didn't like the Robot Guitar that Gibson made a few years back.

I don't really fancy the headstock though. It's as if they are trying to compete with Musicman for the smallest headstock prize or something. I prefer the traditional firebird headstock but of course, this guitar was meant to break tradition so yeah, you get the picture.

What do you guys think? Opinions? Thoughts?

Would you want to own one if let's say price was not an issue?
I'm a Firebird lover, but I really, really do not have high hopes for the Firebird X. I've no idea how it sounds like since its not out yet, but the design is just putting me off completely
Gibson isn't doing anything exactly ground-breaking here. Line 6 and Fender have already explored territory like this with the Variax and VG series respectively. I would rather see them continue to work on producing good standard line models like the Traditional and the 50's Tribute series.
Honestly, i feel that Gibson's going downhill with all these new robot guitars. And like what CyanideJunkie has mentioned, they should continue to make guitar like 50's tribute etc etc

Hope Gibson reads soft :)
Honestly, i feel that Gibson's going downhill with all these new robot guitars. And like what CyanideJunkie has mentioned, they should continue to make guitar like 50's tribute etc etc

Hope Gibson reads soft :)

Gibson? Read forum posts and follow up on consumer advice that makes business sense? Or making instruments that appeal to their consumer base in sufficient quantities? Surely you jest!
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take soft's opinions with buckets of salt. people here think that rally is better than gibson. if they cater to the soft crowd, they may as well just close shop.
im a big fan of firebirds. and the firebird shape always turns me on. but this time with the wood finishing. im not too sure its pretty anymore. will find out how it sounds like and then there will be a fair verdict.
No point forcing opinions down other people's throats. I think its good that everyone has their own opinions. You could choose to agree or disagree with others but of course be prepared back it with a substantial argument without straying off topic.

I miss the old days where this forum was all about sharing information.

anyway that aside, I wonder if there is a chance to test it at all... considering the fact that no one is really hyped on getting this guitar, Swee Lee might not even bring it in cos there might not be a demand.

I think they updated the finish. Apart from "the engine", I'm intrigued by that marble like finish which kinda reminds us of the marble like Eerie dess swirls that Jackson used. Very interesting indeed.