Carvin Bolt On Kit


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Dear fellow Forumers,

Anybody tried the Carvin Bolt-On Kits?

Seems like a good option for folks who desire MIA guitar but have to assemble yr self -)
Prataz said:
Anybody tried the Carvin Bolt-On Kits?

i don't think they are available here, you can try asking excel sports and music for a special order.

for reviews and questions you can check out the carvin bbs, lots of carvin fans and helpful people there.
I've asked Excel for a custom order twice (Which was a CT6M for you curious guys). They didn't bother to checked or get back to me. So I doubt you'll have alot of luck witha custom order. I feel their willingness to bring in Carvin as a whole seems limited.
try ranking sports, or this shop at excelsior which sells carvin stuffs too. though i think they are all under excel, but no harm giving a try.