calling all prs owners


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How would a custom 22 rank up against a mccarty rosewood, ignoring the fact about the different pickups in them?

More specifically, how useful is the trem for whammy work? Is it worth losing the chunk of wood dug out for the trem cavity for a strat style trem that only goes down and not up? Or is it better to get a stop tail and another floyd rose guitar for whammy styles (shred)?

Does the 1/8 inch difference in thickness matter that much?

Does an indian rosewood neck muddy up the sound becoz it sounds too dark? So would mahogany be better then?

5 way rotary vs push/pull - which is more practical and are there any problems switching sounds using the 5 way rotary? Or is it just a matter of getting used to?

All in all, which guitar would be more suited towards both vintage and modern rock, metal and jazz, not counting pups becoz i can switch them?

ps. hey sub thx for ur opinions =) just wanted more views from others so hope u arent offended that i'm not satisfied by ur views only hence the post..
You should try the birds and moons forums. Those guys there have more extensive knowledge on PRS guitars. Alot of them buy sell and rebuy the same model so I guess that should be a good place to start if you are very interested in throwing a substantial amount of money for a PRS.
haha i guess u arent getting much replies cost u label the prs owners as 'prs pros'. next time just ask for the opinions of prs users tt way ull get more replies.

well here goes i can only give opinion for a few of the questions stated.

qn2: well i guess a shredder can use any guitar to shred so one does not need a whammy if it isnt his thing. look to paul gilbert for reference. i own a prs ce24. comes with the vintage trem and my comment is it gives greater versatility over the fixed bridge as it stays in tune very well esp with the use of locking tuners (take note the mc carty uses vintage tuners only) . plus the fact that the 6 pivotal screws are sitting moderately high when the bridge is at parallel with the body (low action can be adjusted using the screws on the saddles) there is a space between the bridge and the body thus one can dive down or pull up the trem.

qn4: trying both mahogany neck and rosewood neck prs. in my opinion it is contrary to the belief that the rosewood is darker sounding. the rosewood neck gives a louder and clearer sound whereas the mahogany tends lack a little definition.

qn5: i can clearly say that the 5 way rotary is totally impractical esp if u tend to use the pickups widely. with the 5 way there is a very high chance of accidentally scratching the guitar while trying to switch pickups on the fly and moreover the switching ratchet can be a little stiff and one might switch to the wrong position. one reason y the 5 way is used is for aesthetics to make the guitar look more uniform with the 3 knobs. but id recommend playability over looks.

qn6: u have probably heard this a great deal abt this in this forum. any guitar can be used to play anything. it is up to the 'artist on wat he wants to paint with his brush' or in other words wat u wanna do with ur guitar. the prs to me is an extremely playable and versatile guitar having a neck scale of a cross between a gibson (24 3/4 inch) and a fender (25.5 inch) and plus the radius of the fretboard is not too flat which makes bending hard or overly excessive. my opinion on the pickups is that they are pretty imaculate for clean work and on drive it is a little lacking but i do believe a gd amp can settle it or like me ive swapped them out for a set of duncan distortions.

hope this helps. if u have anymore questions feel free to pm me. :D