cakewalk pro audio midi playback on laptop no sound...


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i need help... i've got a dell laptop, 2g cpu, 512 mb ram, sigma tel built-in souondcard, parellel/serial/usb2.0/firewire.

i recently installed cakewalk pro audio 9, tried to playback a midi file from it, but there's no sound... can someone help?

or could someone recommend what other softwares allow me to playback the midi file with selected channels?

MIDI setup


After launching Sonar, go t o options-> audio .... you ahould be able to setup audio setting here.

If after this setup still don't work, than you may need to get an external sound card like ESI Gigaport DG which support ASIO, WDM and others audio driver.

In the Midi Out, you have to choose the name of the sound card synth chip. Most of the professional sound card dont have the chip. We have to connect the midi out to external sound source [module/synth/keyboard]. I hope there wont be any problem with your laptop sound card.
yes. KMA right.

Depand on which pro audio card ( internal or external) some card come with MIDI port......there also have USB MIDI like ESI ROMIO.... :lol:
hi montereyb

can try and use the Windows Media Player to play a midi file and see if there's any sound.

if there's sound, that means the notebook soundcard supports midi playback.

if there's no sound, check the Windows Volume control and see if the MIDI is muted. Make sure it is not.

I Agree. If your laptop can play midi files in windows media or real player, then check the MIDI out in the Pro Audio 9.

Before playing midi files in window media/real player, select the MIDI format in the options/preferences menu in them