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What cables you guys recommend?

The cables im using now is erm from luther. i think its their own cables.

the volume somehow went down after my office chair go over the cable a few times.
roll over in the opposite direction ..might raise the volume..
ahaha ok...wadever.

my dimarzio cable hasnt failed me since day one... might wanna consider that. i have another planetwaves one which is quite durable also...
yeah second that...planetwaves, decent price. i got monster also but no noticeable sound diff. but then i got their low-end ones la.
Where to get the dimarzios and how much?

Planet wave also. Price roughly?

Both can get in sweelee issit?
mine is the silver ones paulgilbert used to use i think.. $40 i paid at swee lee but its about 2 yrs ago..
its abt 30+cm, 3 feet is slighty under 1m, mi recommendations? i'd go with a planet waves, with the circuit breaker, really good, and sumore, its gold plated i tink, and its $35nett at swee lee for a 20ft piece i tink
no point buying such expensive cables man...the ones from luther use good parts and are decently priced. though you can buy the parts and solder them together yourself...much cheaper.
Buying cables really depends on your prioritisation ....

if you're budget sensitive, go for the mid-range stuff (I tend to recommend staying away from super-cheap no-name cables cables, they normally degrade sound to a large extent).

if you have additional funds, go for cables which costs more but are better quality.

Cables are the cheapest way to upgrade your sound.
pricing on planet wave classic series at sweelee, saw it today

10 feet $10.50
15 feet $12.50
20 feet $14.50 (think so, if my memory serves me right)
(both 15 n 20 feet comes in straight-angle and straight straight version)

hope this helps. there's a bunch of peavy, ibanez and epiphone cables all slightly more ex than planet wave with the same length but generally around the price range.