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hi all.. newbie here... anyone knows where can i get those rca to 1/4 cables which r stereo(those red and white ones) in singapore? any shops selling cables specialising in recording cables? thanks a ton!
hiya, juz got mine made in sim lim square, hung bros store 3rd flr. made 2m 1/4" to RCA using Canare star quad cables (4S6) and neutrik gold plated connectors. (yep the red and white/black stereo ones...) hope this helps. but made it for my speakers. they dun stock mogami cables if thash what u looking for. anyways, they do have canare, klotz and belden and some others.. i think. the entry level stuff but good enuff la...keke...i had a few cables made from them, mic cables, spkr cables etc.
there are other stores that make cables in SL but i find Hung the most reasonably priced. they do have pre-made ones but i think custom made ones are cheaper. cheers
I saw a lot of cables in different combinations of leads in Bras Basah Ranking Sports. Can't remember the brand, but it looked pretty pro. Every combination you can think of, they have it.