Bullet for my valentine


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hey guys ... wad do you think abt the band ... just in general and will you come down see them if they perform here ...
four words to choke upon!!!!
how awesome is the solo...
judging from that song, i'd say the band is totally great.
i didnt quite listen to their other songs, but if they were to come here, why not. but, see ferst if i have a big enough pocket.
yup love thier song her voice resides ... woah .. jus love the arrangement plus thier 80s 90s metal sounding riffs
the songs are great!!....
Four word to choke upon
other songs are great too..
will definately go fer their concert if their here
i've never heard the band before and just checked out a few songs.
nothing too bad, but incredibly boring and generic sounding.
trivium blow them away for this style..
a few weeks back on mtv rockit. they played four words to choke upon video and talked about them. i forgot what they said though.
"The Poison" album and anything else before scream aim fire is better

But YES, i will still go see them if they perform here live!!