Blueridge! They are here!


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Hi Peeps,
Went down to Maestro today... guess wat.... the blueridge are IN!
I didn't get to try them cos I see the place is in a mess cos they are unpacking those guitars... Will return and try them out soon :p
I try liaoz!!!!

AB a S$650 Blueridge BR-40 with a seagull M6+ that they had there and the Blueridge is WOAH!!!!!!!!!

The sound is damn sweet unlike the seagull tat's abit more raw sounding


too bad no $$$ coz i'm saving up to buy effects :cry:
Tried the Blueridge today... what can I say... its basically everything in those blueridge forums. The quality is well-worth all the hoo haass back in US and I am saving up for one now! :)

Maestro is @ Excelsior Hotel B1 next to Funan IT mall and connected to penisula shopping centre. If you know davis, its around there la
Hi there, the prices of Blueridge ranges from $650 for a solid top with laminated back and sides all the way to $1.8k for a solid top with solid back and sides. The lowest priced solid top with solid back and sides are priced at $1k. Come and check it out! we have 18 models and for this shipment stocks are limited and we have 1 each for each model only.
Hmmz got blood there meh?

haha but then most of the shops in that area are quite in the service there is BLOODY GOOD!!!!

Also have stuff that are new and refreshing =)
Today I tried some of the Blueridge, very good for those with tight budget but want all-solid. Workmanship is surprisingly very clean. Will post more review after I wake up. :smt003
are these the ones?;$sessionid$FZGNSQYAAACI3TZENUFUTIWPERWRJPX0?UCIDs=1110746%7C1153507&PRID=1391890;$sessionid$FZGNSQYAAACI3TZENUFUTIWPERWRJPX0?UCIDs=1110746%7C1153507&PRID=1219787
yeah those are the ones...was thinking of getting one
Its only USD630 for the BR-160 thats cheap man! But after adding shipping, I think would save more if I buy direct from Maestro :?