Best Budget Guitar Amplifier to recommend!


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Greeting Rocking People!

Would like to know about the best budget amp around, in your opinion, preferably about 30watts Budget at about SGD300?

I prefer the amp to be more versatile and maybe with some digital fx built in. (no money to buy awesome pedalboards like Boss Gt-10s and what not)

So far, I've tried Mashall 15watts, sounds great on distortion but the clean isn't that promising.
I've also tried Nux Mighty 30 and Mighty 15. They are pretty ok, the Digitalfx got my attention for these Nux Amps.

I'm just keeping my options open. (cuz i haven't save enough money to buy anything yet.)

and btw, Im planning to get a Rally GL-300 or GL-400. And i owned a terrible SX Stratocaster copy, with that miserable 10watt SX amp. SX is dead. Tuner don't turn....Strings dead.... Pickup Muddy.... 5wayblade slightly twisted...input jack connection abit off......

Right.... Looking forward to hearing some great recommendation!

Thank you Good people! :):p:confused::eek::)
VOX Valvetronix+ Series is a good choice. With your budget you can even get the 60W VT40 at $249 as City Music is having sale now.
Would love to totally go splurge at the Awesome sale i heard is going on at City music. But..... I'm out of cash......

Would totally check out the recommendation! :)
Have never tried blackstar before. But heard its good too. Would check it out when i have the chance.

Roland? ill try that out too.

any opinions on Nux mighty 30?
Vox Pathfinder! One of the best solid state amps i've ever owned. Recently got a Blackheart little giant but i must say that even as a solid state amplifier it isn't far off in terms of tone.
The Line6 Spider 4 is superbly awesome!
Just watched the review on Youtube. It has already blow my mind away. So much you can do!

But price is an issue. Without the sales, how much does it cost? (cuz i won't be able to but it now.)
imho, the vox pathfinder pales in comparison with most 12" amps above $250. it's a relatively good amp in it's price range but that's about it, a good $150 bedroom practise amp.