Behringer In Singapore


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Wonder how many of you read this article.

I had a good laugh when Teo Kian Ming said that he looks forward to HIGH end audio equipment from Behringer.

Singapore Government should get it right once and for all. They tell us it's wrong to download mp3, software etc but they allow a famous ripoff artist to set upo shop in Singapore?
hi lowjk

ya, i read the article. i thought it was a good move. we need these people to build up the industry. maybe our local engineers can really produce something good?

if they dont's set up shop in singapore, where would you rather they set up shop?
omg they mentioned "DESIGN" as one of the things they do.

soon they will post ads for "reverse engineering specialists"
well, hope they churn out something good for the industry. as for copying and all, seriously, everyone does it, not behringer alone. looking at IP law and their cases, i am shocked sometimes how some get away with it with what would seem like the most blatant infringement. and sometimes i dont know u know, like, who knows for sure what goes on behind the scenes in their R&D depts in the big name companies? heh. for all u know, they have successfully copied other big names but changed their getup and color but perhps the electronics are the same? i dunno, who knows really for sure? :D