Bassists help!!: GHS boomers for 5 string bass


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Anyone noe where to find the above mentioned??.
Thanx. Davis, Sweelee and Ranking Sports dont seem to have stock.
And also where do u all get ur 5 string bass strings from??
ive tried ghs,ernie ball but now i'm stuck wit d'dario prosteel,still bright even though been 6 months nw
My 5 string has DRs on it, still sounds nice after nearly a year. You can get them from Davis.
i just got 5 string boomers. haven't really messed with them yet. got them at yamaha at PS. quite a bomb...
ok time to ask another suaku thinking of changing the strings of my 5 string but i havent really mastered the art of changing it by myself, know of anyone or any place that can do it for me? and the price i have to pay?
ghs 5 string boomers can buy from yamaha..i suggest getting the membership (free).. ghs bass strings damn ex, i got my 4 string for 50 bux! ouch.

its ez to change strings..give me i do for you free lol.

btw, anyone know where to find elixir strings?
Hey guys! Last time I checked in, there wasn't even a bass forum in soft... guess that makes me a newbie huh? :p

Anyways, just wanted to sound out this online string seller -
They've got really good strings at great prices too! I'd suggest someone consolidate orders for strings so that you get a cheaper price from them. After buying my acoustic strings from them (phosphor bronze - they sound damn good), I'm convinced that nothing beats fresh strings - I'm definitely gonna order a set or two of nickels from them when it's time to change the ones I'm using now. They even carry flatwounds!

Disclaimer - I'm not affiliated with them in any way, nor do I make any kinda $$$ out of promoting their stuff. I'm just so tired of paying the kinda cash that we put out for other brands of strings which cost 2 or 3 times more... generic strings for me from now on :)