New member friend wants to get a bass with a budget of 700. his thinking of a 5 string. But not sure which to get. R there any cons about getting a 5 string compared to a 4 string? He plays mainly, alternative rock/ hard rock. Velvet revolver, alter bridge, 3 doors down..that got any suggestions? thanks
i don't think there are any cons, the only con i cud tink of is that it may be restrictive for slapping but that is not always true, i find the B string great for those rock ballads, play the root and hold it 4 the entire bar, adds emotions to the song.

i switch between a 4 and 5 often, well only bcuz my 4 is a better bass compared to my 5 which is a TGM and it hums alot(sumthing wrong wif the circuitry i think)
Ask your friend to go down and try it out? See which one he feels comfortable on. He can try out ibanez who IMO make products that are excellent value for money. :D
Colarndo said:
He doesn't need a 5-string for that kind of music.

i seriously second that. i dont think he needs a 5 string too. with 700 bucks he could get a good second hand 4 stringer.
It really depends if he wants the extra range a 5 string can provide. I personally play a 5 because i play in a few bands and they often have drop tunning and such. I dislike having to detune my bass all the time... PLUS! i love how the Low B string notes rattle... with the oh so beautiful growl... can make the balls shake lah..hehehe
oh dear .. another 5-string thingy .. i suggest you go find a post that i did regarding the pros and cons of 5-stringers ..

Personally for me .. i feel that, as other shave said, you don't need a 5-stringer for that kind of music you are playing. If you friend is just a beginner i suggest that he/she get a cheaper one first to start off, i mean, sometimes just for the sake of interest a person takes up the guitar, then 2 months later give up playing, you know what i mean? But unless he/she is seriously interested in doing what he/she does, then go ahead with the budget.

Yes, and it's true, slapping on a 5-string is tougher than a 4-stringer. I'm a pure extended range bassist .. but slapping for me had taken alot of effort to pull it thru smoothly and cleanly without getting other strings ringing. But the wonders of a clear low B string when you slap on it is amazing, opens up your tonal palatte quite a fair bit.

Alot of good players out there use 4-strings and they are seriously good on it .. just a few, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, Victor Bailey, Domnique Di Piazza etc ..

anyway, Ibanez would be a good brand to look out for .. you can try getting their RD series .. good stuff ..
But don't let us decide for you or your friend, ask him to go down a personally try out the basses, see which one he likes, bring him to try out other brands e.g. yamaha, cort. Or shop around for a decent second hand bass. :D
Hey.. Iv got an ibanez srx705 5 string pretty new-very seldom used-neck thru design- could consider letting go. Do contact me you/or yr friend at 96714402 or

Condition is great hence a pretty sensible option. Anyone interested welcome to discuss too. Thanks guys/gals
isnt such "advertising" kinda wrong ? as in violation of the forum rules ? do try a PM , its a little more discreet

hey dude, if you're doing rock, get a 4 stringer will do... and for 700 bucks you have a wide range of good basses you can choose from man...
I would suggest the 5 string even if he's playing rock. Coz if his music tastes evolve in the future, he might have to buy another bass, and besides, a 5 string can go where a 4 can't so i'd rather have that option if and when i might need it. But thats just my opinion.
true .. but you can do alot of things on a 4-stringer too .. honestly, just tell your friend to get what he thinks he likes .. 5-string will take more effort to control the string vibrations .. 4-string is the standard .. up to you .. =)