Basics of bass


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hey ! dude.

i need some help. i finally goin get a bass. but the bad thing i dont noe how to play. wads bass basics? does it have any chords? lol! strum or pick? hahaha. heard 3notesabar is a pro. haha.

help me. ! scared go buy wan test dono single thing .hahha.

maybe getting a teacher. i noe there's a topic on dat. but u all neva include the price etc.

thanks in advance any help will be appreciated
The very basic thing is you have to know all the notes on your bass fretboard, have to know what is a root note of a chord and u pluck the string or you slap and pop. It will be better to take bass lesson to learn the basic fundamentals bass playing and music theory since you do not know anything about bass playing .

Wow so happy to know that there's another person learning bass! Well no matter what bass you buy now, you'll sure be looking at another upgrade in time to come. For me i picked it up myself with the help of some friends who are bass players. Prob after you learn for a while from friends then you start learning froma pro teacher. :D Can some some money and spend it on your bass! Cheers!
strumming on bass typically sounds really awkward... you can play chords but not exactly by strumming as you would a guitar
Those who wanna strum ur bass can hear stanley clarke's "School Day"

Play power chord strumming on bass can sound nice too if u know how to handle. e.g. Root and 5th. A E (7th and 9th fret), Strum together. some people strum Root 5th Octave (E B E - 7th and 9 th fret)

Abraham laboriel does flamengo style of strumming on his bass sometimes.

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guess a person shd know why he/she wanna learn bass before buying a bass..if not waste $$$.

But once you love it you will be glad tt u chose this path.

Some heavy metal player use pick to play. I use 2-3 fingers to pluck loh.

Hear some CD then will know wat bass sound like loh then will rough know how it's played.

To gilaman:

1.find teacher
2.instructional DVD
3.Instructional book with CD
4.Internet lessons

Haha many pro here huh? pai sei say so much :lol:


just deviating a little here:

sure enough, technical aspects of bassplaying can be learnt. but groove?
gilaman , also practice your stuff with a metronome. it's very impt to develop good tempo to develop a good groove 8)
Ya groove is also abt timing and feel. I believe listen to more music and practising can develop the groove. Technically is useful to create a groove as it is a know how and try it out thingy. Can try to play like a drum.


best way is either get a instructional book and follow or find a teacher .. i am self-taught .. =) ..
fluzzeee said:
does learning basic of drum help to improve ur bass skill? rhythm? timing and etc??

certainly! i used to play drums solely for a while .. like 6 months? i placed my bass down during that period of time .. after i switched back .. i realised that my timing and groove improved quite a fair bit .. it also helps you understand how the drum works together with the bass because at least you can see from two perspective ..

i would recommend that anyone who wants to play the bass learn a little bit of drums .. i won't say it's COMPULSORY but it will certainly help in groove understanding and rhythm .. =)