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hey guys, i was wondering if you think that drummers make good band leaders?
if u do okie state ur reasons, if u think we suck as band leaders, why as well.
i dont think that theres such a thing as a drummer makes a bad or good leader. it all comes to the persons character.
Yea I'd agree with rhapsody. No such logic that if you're a drummer, you'll suck at being a leader or what so ever. As long as you have a good character, you'll make a great leader. :D
Larry Mullen Jr - leader of U2..... Mighty Max Weingburg -leader of Conan O'Brian's tonight show....
I get the gist of your quest.

But i guess, the most important thing is that whoever`s the leader, in the technicalibility aspect, he/she should be able to have a gd listening ear, meaning to say that he/she will be able to advise the band in terms of their overall sound balancing,tone,tempo etc as a whole. Sound balance is very impt in a band...this one iam sure vio agree with me :wink:
i have to agree wit rhapsody... it all lies in oneself... the character n how willing they are to take up the responsibility... i have a fren hu's a drummer n a band leader... he's damn good as a leader...=)
okie so it's character, i find this true as well. personally i found it really hard to be a band leader, cause for one my chord knowledge and harmony knowledge is pretty week. wat abt when writting a chart for a band? most of us drummers dun know how to chart chord charts, do u guys have the same problem?
Band Leader usually is in charge of discipline, and in cases where there is no manager/agent, to look for jobs... basically he is the respresentative of the band...

not to be confused with music director (who might also be the BL though) who is in charge of music arrangements, band sound etc etc...
Don Henley of the eagles was a drummer and a leader of the Eagles. It all boils down to the person's character. Some people like to lead while some like to follow.
yea.ya just gotta be disiplined and always be the one that does stuff.responsibility is the key.gotta go get gigs and stuff.anyone in the band can make a good doubt. :D