anyone knows how to convert a VHS tape into a DVD or vcd?


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god damne sheetmusic sent me a VHS tape when i ordered a DVD... things would be much peachier if i HAD A VCR...

so anyone? help? ...please?
You got two choices.

You can take it to a pro who offers those services which will give you good quality but trash your wallet.


You can video it using a camcorder then use firewire to PC to convert to mpg. Assuming you have a camcorder.
i dont have a vcr man ... thats the problem.. if not i'll just watch it. Its actually a guitar instructional vid... was supposed to get a DVD...

where can i get this conversion done?...
I have one of those cheapo mpeg1 hardware encoder card lying somewhere in my workshop. I did do VCD conversion with that long time ago, but the pic and sound became unsynchronized after encoding for some period of time, may need to tweak a bit.

If you want you can bring it over to me workshop, I see if my stuff still works.
oh yes, i wanna convert too, saw this shop offering this service but it cost $30 each, i got a shock. ok is it still as expensive now? i went to the shop 3 years or so ago. but then again, its been so long, my tapes probably became mouldy haha..
I have a video card in my computer that can do either VCD, SVCD or DVD...and have all the writers..just get the's only about 160 bucks