Anyone going to police acedamy this 11 october? you enlisting as SC or VC?

i shld be joining as a regular in 4 yrs time but my 6 months would definitely be at the LEA by then.
ur enlistment letter shld state whether u going in as Special Constable or Vigilante Corps (both are for NSmen)

anyway u will know during uniform collection lah. SC uniform is like normal police officer, while VC is wear white shirt, gold buttons, belt is like NPCC and only allowed to carry baton, no revolvers.
not really a cadet insp. trainee with NPCC..

but im intending to join the force, have a few friends from the force and have studied extensively abt the various depts and procedures blabla...

in layman term is called Police Otaku/Freak

:lol: :lol: :lol:
wah im from police too!
u going to the old police academy?
i went there few months ago for police day :lol:
y u guys r sssooo lucky 1?....... :oops:

ill fated rascals like mi have 2 go 2 army 4 NS.......... :cry:

anyway, just cum back from my 7th ITC n 3 more stupid low keys 2 go.......... cos we get redcon 2A 4 Atec........ :wink:

hey, army is fun man..LoL

You get to smear your face with green camo paint, tread in the jungle, get to lie in cool mud on a rainy day, fire a SAR/M-16 and breathe in some gunsmoke.. i love the smell of gun smoke by the way.. get to toss a grenade or 2 if u are lucky, make friends with your PTI, free exercise programmes, run and clear SOC, and best of all, you get food that is free!! :D
No offence meant here, but i feel that being in Police force for NS is easier than Army(i hope i can get posted to police rather than army). And how candidates are chosen, I have no idea, but what seems clear to me is that, there are a grossly improportionate number of malays who get than compared to other races. There seems to be much more malays than chinese there. And to be honest, i havent even seen a single indian in the police force for NS. Anyone can clarify if what I think is just a misconception? And if it isn't, anyone has any idea on why this is so? Thank you!

I'm chinese btw, and im not against malays, if fact 2 of my bandmates are malays. Im just unclear over the above mentioned issue. :)

Haha I am currently serving NS in the Police Force, SOC unit.

Police job is fun!! Got more Media Coverage e.g. Ch5 news, Channel News Asia & Crime Watch etc.

POLICE : The "Extraordinary" Career.
wah we have a PNSman here.

police force does have indians, just that not many of them, cos indians tend to be more garang so put them more to army. if you realise commandos have quite a number of indians.

SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE: The reason why Singapore sleeps peacefully at night :D