any kpop b*tches in here?


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so hyorin released this teaser for a song a couple years ago

the full song eventually ended up being NOTHING like the rock version in the teaser but more r&b song... still nice, just not as kickass :(

instead of being sad and searching for the rock version once a year to see if anyone released it, im wondering if i can mobilize enough talented kpop lovers here to recreate the rock version IN FULL? if you search "hyorin/ hyolyn one way love rock" on youtube people once searched for "rock version" often enough to make it a suggested search. and here's a reddit thread and a song review with some other people disappointed with how the full song turned out

i could sing for the song but it's totally fine if someone better or BEST OF ALL an existing band can do it*, I JUST WANNA SEE IT MADE. I would be sooooo happy if i could sit in on the studio session for this OR at the very least if yall could send me the youtube link when it's done. like any good rock song here is what I think will be needed:
  • Killer guitar - your reaction to the guitar parts in the teaser should be "ok i can def recreate this sound and i think i can figure out what the rest of the song should sound like"
  • Good drums, bass
  • Good production person - Sounds like there's a lot of after-recording post-production to do???

TBH i have v little performing exp & 0 studio recording exp & 0 rock exp so what do I know anyway... that's why i need u guys!!

how, anyone up for it??? WA me 9170 bbbbbb 6971. a note that this will be more on project basis than full time band but hey we could rly have fun with other kpop songs too.

*i don't plan to pay for everything myself horh, we should be doing it out of interest so we'll be sharing the cost unless it's a whole other band then im just the ears