Any Elton John fans here?


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This guy really rocks on the piano. I`ve not been touching my guitar for sometime now cos I`m now playing his songs on favs are Crocodile Rock, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and many more...anybody a big fan??

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solid songwriter

Empty Garden... the song dedicated to John Lennon, listen to the words and melody, it makes you cry. Elton John himself has confessed that the song is so painful to sing that he stopped singing it at all and stop featuring it on any compliation. Now only found in the 1982 album 'Jump Up' which also features 'Blue Eyes'.

Others songs in the 80s:
I Guess Why They Call It The Blues
Sad Songs (Say so much)
yes yes. my piano hero! fantastic playing and singing. great all round musician. a pity not many know how to appreciate him, can't see past his image and lifestyle or "mainstream pop" label to see the real talent that he is.

fav songs:
the way you look tonight
crocodile rock
don't the sun go down on me