andrew and satch covers mr crowley

Vaiyen said:
eh? I thought just yesterday you didn't know how to play it? :D

hahaha, i recorded this because i wanted to learn it! haha, thats y i didnt have time to learn the solos ! hahaha, and in the end, i realised that grain was jamming in Em lah, the song in Dm. haha, damn funny, i was kinda shocked when i thought i learned it wrongly for the jam! haha.
niceee! HA see I posted for you, nice right? stop bugging me now lol.

good playing, and nice vocals, andrew! :D

well done!
Dong, Andrew...this is a classic song man..
well done! ...however below are my comments..
-some parts of the song are fingered wrongly..
-the last solo..if its louder a bit ..shld be cool..
-the solo tone to mellow for me least to my pc speaker..
i believe the tone shld vary frm one pc to another..

well done abt over the mountain or revelation mother earth next..
U shld listen to the live version done by just smokes..
rock on man...
beautiful cover man...after hearing abt the ozzfest incident...u guys should go take over them man...welcome ozzdrew and randong rhoads
Hmmm.... I've got some comments for both the vocals and guitar work... so here goes...

Andrew, you sang quite well for this song. The thing that struck me the most was that I thought you were trying to add a bit of yourself into the piece... it didn't feel like just another song but you were "into" it and you tried to add some elements that made it more you, like your vibrato and the way you held on to the words at the end of the lines.
However, your pitching was off on some places and the use of your vibrato was abit too much in a couple of places.
Other than that, good effort!

Lets see... As you mentioned above/below, you've only just learnt the song and thats a pretty good shot at it IMO!
Hmmm.. the rhythm tone is more towards the 80s rock tone... I really think there's nothing wrong with that esp if you like that tone. Go ahead and use it because if you like it, it becomes YOUR tone. ;)
Thru out the piece, the rhythm was well played, there's a good vibe going on, really getting into the piece.
For the first solo, which is almost purely pentatonics.. nothing wrong with that. ;) This is were the vibe started to falter. You didn't sound very confident, and IMO, lacked the attitude to carry it thru. You are getting smooth and pretty fluid with moving around your pentatonics but it felt more like you were pushing yourself... and that took off a lot of the feel and attitude that should come with the solo.
The bends sound better this time round... took some time to work on it right? :)
Hmmm... note that it can get repetitive if you were to run up and down the pentatonics like in the first solo. Try to move around... slide to notes, skip strings... more to other patterns... don't run up and down up and down. Perhaps you could try playing a pattern, then repeating that pattern an octave higher to emphasize it then move on from that.
All in all, you handled the chord changes well and the playing's smooth. Keep it up!

For the 2nd solo,
The begining arps aren't cleanly done... you gotta work on spacing the notes out, taking care to play evenly and watch your dynamics. Some wrong notes thereafter but nothing too bad. ;)
Ah.. here you added some variety to your pentatonics... double stops! A nice way to emphasize a point in a solo. Good job! Then the rapid tapping there after was another good way to end it all... however, watch out for note clarity.

You've been working at it Satch... good work! Keep it up and you'll be improving in leaps! :)
wow, dan! thanks man! i really appreciate u taking the time to listen and ur advice really does help. thanks a lot again, and i ll take note of the stuff u said and improve in those areas!
ya my pitching was off alot...also vibrato need to make it more even soudning... gotta really work on that.. didnt have much time to record it..
thats for the great advise!
Hmm..i really dunno what to say...i cant comment to such a level as ShredCow..but um...yeh...i think the song is mum kinda said..finally i hear some NICE music instead of NOISE (slayer slipknot n maiden likes) so yep...good work Satch and Andrew :)