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Which do you guys think would be a better choice, the Marshall AVT20, or the Line 6 Spider II 210/212. I know the marshall has valvestate and all, which is quite worth the price. What do you think of the line six? Its almost the same price, and they are twin combos.

Still thinking of what to get. I went to city music, and surely the guy there said that the line six can achieve the marshall, and tube sound, and more.....

Anyone actually owns any of these, or knows which one would be a wiser choice?
i have the marshall avt 50, and i would say it covers pretty much the rock/light metal genre of sound pretty well. However, it is not a modelling amp, so its tonal options would be limited compared to the line 6.

For a better bass response, get the 12 inch speakers. The marshall avt20 uses a 10 inch speaker i believe, so if you were to get the avt series, the 50 would be a better option imo. Ive had it for 3 years and so far nothings gone wrong :)

To keep it short, if you are mainly after the "marshall" rock sound and decent cleans, the avt50 should suit you fine. However, if you wanna have a wider variety of sounds, the modelling spider would be a better choice. why not test them out since they are both available at the moment?
while i suppose the marshalls will be good for gigging etc, i tried a line 6 spider (the one having the size of a avt 50) before and i'm quite impressed by the types of sounds u can dial in. the modelling of the distortion tones is really good.

i suppose if you want a practice amp, that can be a very good option.
But what about the line 6, it has either 2x10 or 2x12, as compared to the AVT's. Doesnt it make a diferrence? So is it better to get an amp modeller amp or a marshall? Btw how much is the AVT50?
2x12 means two 12 inch speakers. 2x10 means two 10 inch speakers. 12 inch will give you a better low end. 10 inch will probably give you a slightly improve response. I would suggest you get a modelling amp rather than a hybrid. More variety and choice of music you can undertake.
The AVT 50 costs SGD715 new. Its gonna go up in price in time according to davis. I own one too.

The cleans are far cleaner than the AVT 20 and has been reviewed as one of the best cleans besides the DSL401, courtesy of harmony central. Its got very good reviews there, go read about it. The good thing i like about it is the separate EQ for the clean and overdrive channel, as opposed to the AVT20.
The overdrive distortion tends to be muddy when you pump in single coils but it rocks with humbuckers (humbuckers and marshall are perfect matches!) The only minus point is the lack of mid-range tonal adjustment for the clean channel (only bass and treble). The reverb is so-so.

The overall sound is pretty good, very punchy and tight, and it gets real loud. Not recommended if your room is small.

The marshall sound and tone is favored by many experienced guitar players. Its not Marshall for nothing.

If you want to be the versatile kind and do not have that much of effects on the floor, i would say go for the line6 spider. But again if you like the marshall sound and like to stick to one good tone, Marshall will be the best choice. So would you go for the real thing or an amp that models after its sound?
I would still say try both.

The only thing that is tube about AVT is the preamp, so I would definitely not say it is sounds like the older series eg JCM900 etc.. I will suggest that you save another $250 or so to get the DSL401 instead to get the Marshall crunch.

Neither the Marshall AVT nor Line 6 will attain a true tube sound. If you want a good basic tube sound, go for the Peavey Classic 30. Which retails around $500-$600.
i saw this zoom amp. i think it was called zoom fire 30 or sumthing... is it good?? it's quite cheap i know around $250.
Swee Lee I think. You should consider the Classic 50 if you get a chance to buy it. An extra speaker will certainly make it sound better.
but for $500 - $600 only? thought it ran in the region of $700+ anyway a modelling amp like the vox ad30vt give some pretty good options though i think its rather limited on the distortion end but for cleans it seriously sounds great.. and it provides some effects which does not really demand high quality like compression and noise suppressor which eliminate the need for buying an extra pedal...
IMO, if you're getting modelling, should go for Tech 21. It's analog compared to all the digital hype nowadays.
Hmm Birdman, I own a AVT-20... I play Iron Maiden, Old School Rock, Lotsa blues, the OD is ok... But the problem its erm... Its like a single channel ah. When you switch from OD back to clean, you have to set it again... Like the vol, gain and everything. But to me i use pedals so yeah.. Not much of a problem... This amp quite versatile, my friend came over tried a little of nu-metal, with my proco rat2... Can make it ah. Lol its up to own preference, telling you my side of view.. Can always go down Davis to check it out man. ^^ Good luck.
First of all I will consider these factors before buying an amp:

1) Is it just for home practise?
2) Am I gonna be gigging or jamming with a band using that amp?
3) Budget?

If one is just gonna use it for bedroom practise and nothing more than I recommend a 15-20w amp will do.. Esp if ur livin in an HDB flat, one has to think for the neighbours and if u r not gonna use the amp for ur gigs then 15-20w is loud enough. One model I highly recommend is Tech 21's TM10! The Line 6 r pretty decent too but just prefer the "analogue" controls of the Tech21..

Buying higher wattage amps and not using it to its full potential defeats the whole purpose of buying such a gd amp for me.. Cause I do know of someone who has a Dual Rectifer complete with a 4X12s cab and only uses it for home practise! Man talk abt having too much money.. :wink:

However in the end what matter most in buying for oneself is one's ears and the size of one's wallet... But these points I've mentioned r just IMHO... 8)