advice needed on "pattern piano and keyboard" onli

I think the playing was really impressive but the success of mastering the instructed techniques will still depend on the individual´s sensitivity of musical hearing.i.e,an individual has to imitate and execute the pianistic patterns accurately on the piano without an instructor,and only with the help of the video instruction.It´ll be a good course for people with some background in piano or guitar improvisation,not for totally new beginners.
Aw come on rhythmic patterns? Everything is a rhythmic pattern. Jazz pianists and basically everyother person does that, comping along with the chords to come up with the different parts. Listening and learning how to play many different songs will automatically ingrain different genre idioms and phrases, and you´ll recognise that a lot of everything is just rehased.

I disagree that this course isn´t for absolute beginners, this might help by providing a jump start to identifying those idioms. Most music teachers will start by getting you to learn to play the song or learn the scale, while neglecting to tell the student what it is all for.
:D Hi I also saw this website and it's quite useful for a beginner indeed but I still think that by learning yourself from a cd does not make you go very far and the process will be long and tough. I suggest both which is learning from here and at the same time get a tutor.

Perhaps you would want to look at patterns from elsewhere, which you can actually use on the piano.

One of them will be guitar strum patterns and bass riffs or drum patterns;

Imagine your left hand as bass and/or drums and your right hand playing guitar patterns ; your left-hand can play rhythms like those of drum-fill-ins or lead-ins, or typical bass riffs, for different grooves. Right hand can play guitar strum patterns, who r sometimes syncopated or off-beat

Personally I feel to make a piano arrangement interesting; one has to make full use of what one knows; using different registers of the keyboard has different kinda effect, playing arppeggios leaving certain notes out n adding others give different kinda sounds, using scales/fill-in/riffs and also reharmonising the tune, adding embellishment chord etc are things one can do to "enhance" an arranegement.

Hope this helps!