Adjusting action and changing strings


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Hi guys,

can anyone give me some detailed instructions or useful tips on how to do the following on my electric :

1. change strings on a floyd rose low pro edge

2. lower the adjust the action of my strings, btw my guitar neck is straight so skip the truss rod suggestion

thanks in advance
If the Nut is high enough... you could try taking it out and sand it down to the height you prefer... Or you could send it to a good luthier and let him settle it...
I´m using lo-pro edge bridge. I guess the best way is to change your strings one by one basis. you can either start from the first or the last. remember taking all your old strings off altogether will make your intonation runs.
for my ibanez Edge trems i remove all the strings at once so that i can clean the fret board as well. i stop the bridge by wedging a pencil across the cavity to prevent it from collapsing into that depression. no intonation problems...
You should take the strings one by one. Don´t do it all at once. It is never good for the neck if the strings are release all at once. Slow and steady do the job.
Depends on what you believe. Individual string replacement is as good as removing all 6 IMO. I replace all strings at once for all my guitars & my necks aren’t damaged.

If you happen to remove that one string that holds the most tension, it can be as damaging. That’s what some luthiers recommend because the neck is constantly trying to adapt to tension changes if you replace strings one by one.As for those of us with floating vibrato fine tuners, make sure you re-set them to a pre-adjustment levels before you release the top lock- to prevent string breakage (not all occassions)…