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Hi there. Here's a Caparison Dellinger II Trans Rose finish made in 2007 in excellent used condition.

Hate to see this one go but I need to cull the herd. I've had 3 Dellingers and this one plays the best. There's a fair bit of play time mileage on this one but never gigged with.

This is an all mahogany body before Caparison decided to go with the current mahogany and walnut combination. It has a fast and smooth playing neck finish feel and a nice wood grain on the back. A really clean and dent free ebony neck that is perfectly straight and set with a really slight relief. The truss rod is incredibly stable and works just fine. Strung in standard tuning with 9 - 46 gauge d addarios.

The string action height is set to a low 1.25mm on the 1st string and 1.35mm on the 6th string at the 12th fret.

There's about 80% of fret life left. No dinks or dents on the devil headstock. There is some play wear in the trans rose pro finish at the picking position that reveals an underlying gloss finish.

The Schaller Floyd has one of the best stable tremolo flutters I've come across and the tremolo arm screws in tight and fine, no arm wobbling.

The only upgrades added were a Bareknuckle Holy Diver in the bridge position and a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck. A high quality push-push pot was added to the tone knob for a coil split and a new 500k volume pot was replaced a couple weeks ago. All the electronics and input jack work perfect.

Comes with a clean and functional OHSC, documentation, truss rod wrench, case keys.

External links aren't allowed here so drop me a line for additional pictures of this Caparison from different angles and lighting or tone/video clips recorded with it. Looking at a firm $1700. You can reach me at Tel : 9 8 4 2 Five 1 Four 1 or email, cliffdove@gmail.com


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