WTS Vintage MIJ Olympic White Stratocaster (Aria Pro II Strikin' Sound)


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Made in the acclaimed Matsumoku factory before production lines for Aria were outsourced to other countries.
Having checked with the Aria Guitars community on Facebook, this model is a ST400 and likely to be made around 1979/1980

Bought from Guitar77 owner in 2009, and was known to be one of his very first electric guitars

Build quality is exceptional - with no major issues the past 14 years of owning it. Last set up in Sep 2023 for 10-46 gauge electric guitar strings, with electronics assessed by luthier to be in great condition

Selling Price: $850
Contact Number: +65 8322 4042 (WhatsApp preferred)
Gig bag and tremolo arm not included; acoustic guitar bag may be provided upon request

Aria guitar.jpg
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