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I am looking for the adaptor systems that can power a few analog pedals. I really have no idea as this is a little harder to find on the net. Any reccomendations? Or if u have links to lt mem research do let me know also.
It is a AC 9 volts daisy chain power supply for a few pedals , I ask that question earlier this week , you can get it from Guitar 77 or Swee Lee , though I have not get it yet.

Please note that different models of pedals could have different voltage and current requirements.

The same kind of jack and socket does not mean it uses the same voltage.

So do not anyhow plug here and there. ensure you got the right compatibility, or else it could be an expensive venture for you.
Presently I am using 1 AC multivolt adapter, I set it at 9 volts and it can be used for my Boss , DS-1,CS3, Marshall GV-2, Ibanez TS-9, Stereo chorus and my morley classic wah , all with the same polarity too . So maybe got to test the AC 9 volts daisy chain power supply with any 1 of those pedals that I have at the shop when I get then :)

Actually the pedals operate on DC not AC, but the adapter is taking in AC from the wall. Recent pedals are of the same standard, 9v, negative center. Vintage pedals are usually of a different standard. To be sure just look out for any markings on the pedal :wink:

I'm currently using a 1spot to power my pedals. I won't consider it very quiet, but it's good enough. It's probably one of the best pedal power supplies you can get locally. It works internationally too, 100-240v. If you want the top of the line power supply you can give the voodoo power 2 a try, but I don't think you can find it in Singapore. It is not international voltage friendly either.