A HeartRock Centre

We've gone quite a distance in establishing a HeartRock Centre for current local bands and the next generation. We will know in weeks or days if we get to do it.

What is this centre for?

For all who are doing music to have a place to network with one another.
Jam studios for practises, Performance hall for gigs, Meeting rooms for volunteers to organize gigs and events, and Classrooms for lessons.

We have a group of very supportive parents, whose children are band members, and they will be at hand to share with sceptics.

Organizing performance tours.

We need volunteers to run the centre, if it materialises.

If you don't want to work, but let others serve you... that's ok. Just be a member. I promise you, the fees will be absolutely nominal.

Wanting to be part of this exciting community, email me with full name, tel and band name if any.. at heartrocksingapore@yahoo.com
hi HeartRockSingapore, congratulation!

we have been talking about this idea but since you post it in the forum, i am sure it is just a matter of "pure red with fury highlight" or "muted orange with cool details"! ha..ha..haa...

just remember to include computer terminals with broadband connection to internet and web casting features. all of us in the virtual world can peep at what's happening over at HRC!
Way to go Mr Heartrock!!!!! :smt041 :smt041

Do let me know if I can help in anything like setup & technical stuffs .....etc....
Aey Mr Mikemann, it won't be at Balestier Road anymore. I lost that opportunity to be your neighbour.

Thank you for all those who have emailed me to be volunteers. Ya, if we can have a recording studio that doubles up as radio station live studio, that'll be absolutely fabulous.

I will work very hard to pursue this dream, and I believe its also your dream too.
HeartRock Centre woooooooo :smt038 :smt041 great job going there Mr Kan! hehe

the location not confirmed yet? not even a rough idea?
HeartRockSingapore said:
Aey Mr Mikemann, it won't be at Balestier Road anymore. I lost that opportunity to be your neighbour..

Whew... for a moment, I tot I was going to shut down for good...... heehee :lol: :lol:

Woohoo.....if you still need a full time staff, do let me know....haha.... :lol: :p I might decide to give up if the pay is good..... business is tough you know....heehee.... You can't run the everythings on volunteers alone do you??

Best of luck on success..... and rub some off on me too....heehee :D
when will u need people to help? if its within the month of may this year, i can go and lend a hand.....on holidays soon
Why don't you apply to set up at the Youth Park Area? When it gets developed of course. I'm sure your organization has a good reputation so they won't reject your application. The area is centralised but rent might not be cheap.
I am waiting for approval by the ministry. May or may not come, but chances high. Hopefully this thing will come in May so I can coincide the opeing with Rock On Singapore in June.