5 years from now..


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5 years from now, where would you like your music to be? or what do you want to achieve? and suggestions on how you gonna get there?
To have a Pearl Masterworks drumset...

Don't intend to have a band.. but a jammin session once in a while can lar..
to be able to perform flawlessly, be recognised among the local scene, graduate with a diploma, serve ns then rent an apartment with my friends.
hey i heard in singapore poly, they have a course like that, something called diploma in music and sound engineering or something. a new course i heard.
To successfully make a living out of doing what i enjoy doing, not necessarily playing guitar all the time, but making music.
nitrovo said:
5 yrs, i'll be 21. hope to be in a band playing gigs and working on own material to release an album.

But I'll be 19 instead.
Hopefully to gain maturity in both technique and material as well.
5 years from now i want my band to have our 1st album, start playing gig everywhere possible, to have an improvement on my guitar skillz & of coz be a sucessful man with a beautiful girlfriend.... haha :lol:
I probably won't have time to play in 5 years but I hope to have a small band playing those occassional small gigs.
5 yrs from now..

hopefully i would be able to sing like frank sinatra... ermm you know.. that voice vibration sound... let's say at the end of the song, he goes aaaaaaaaaaaaa-a-a-a--a-a-a-a--ah..... yes yes! the vibrating throat. sheesh. i suck at explaining this part. i used to call it a ribbon thing. i see it as a ballerina daning with the long ribbon. i think it's some kind of a metaphor in my head. lol!

i thought the only thing i can do is practise singing right. that's all. and sing to the right songs. jazz helps. but i don't know many jazz singers. anyone mind introducing some to me?

and also in 5 years time, i'd probably be busy with earning money, travel sometimes, probably might be thinking about further studies. yay! and also make some nice costumes too and do a lot of photography stuff.

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