101 Rules of BLACK METAL!!!!


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Okay okay... hehe... all you black metallers fed up over recent events... well, have a break. :) We all have see such lists before, esp for Emo. :lol: So, you TRUE metalheads! Chill. :partyman:

101 Rules of Black Metal

[SOFT: I edited out the whole chunk, not very nice things to say about different genre of music]
Oh come on chief, it's all in good fun. Haha. Lighten up. :p

It's not like some immature clowns are gonna come in here and blow things up over a post made in good humour. :lol: I'm sure we're all above stuff like that.

Besides, even if we do get them, they'll stop soon enough... :lol:
I didn't want to say it before, but this forum is starting to feel like Singapore Censorship Board. It's getting boring IMO.