Zoom's New Q2n Handy Video Recorder


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A friend of mine was showing me some videos of him singing with his guitar. The videos were mostly recorded with his mobile phone. Though the image looks ok (where there's enough light), the audio was just not picking up properly.

So, I did a search and found this Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder that's just launched and the demo is pretty impressive. (Well, demos are usually impressive)

Ideal for capturing live performances and rehearsal sessions, the Q2n is equipped with a high-quality built-in X/Y microphone, 160-degree wide-angle lens, and intuitive controls--all in the most compact form factor ever created by Zoom. Q2n has ten ‘Scene’ presets that automatically adjust for different lighting conditions. The 160-degree wide-angle lens captures beautiful video at a moment's notice, with a bright f/2.0 aperture that thrives in low-light settings and dimly lit venues.


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