Yamaha SU700 sample translation


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I´m using a Yamaha SU700 sampler, and am fix with a problem. PC´s cannot read the format sampler´s read in. So archiving samplers in an external hard disk makes it pretty stuck to keep them there. The intention is to copy them out to the PC via a translator and burn them into CDR/CDRW for safekeeping. Chicken Translator does that, however, it doesn´t read Yamaha SU700´s format. Anyone know of any translation program that can translate SU700´s format to a disk image??
Can´t you export and save the samples in AIFF format? I think the SU700 can import and export in AIFF format.
Yep, import/export via AIFF is alrite. But that´s jus samples. It doesn´t keep all the arrangement and sequence data that has been programmed in the SU700. The arrangement and sequence data + samples are saved along in the .DAT extension format. I don´t mean digital audio tape here. This .DAT is one big cumbersome file that only a translator can split it up to wav samples to extrude it be used in programs like Logic etc. Without a translator, once archived, to retrack, got to load it up on SU700 again, which would be a loss of all sequence data if upgraded to new sampler or thinking of soft samplers etc. SU700 doesn´t have sample dumping function, that´s one of it´s cons. And exporting only limited to file size less than 1.3 MB, which is only 4 beat info size since only can export via floppy. How about longer samples of 8,16 and 32 beat length?