Yamaha Clearance Sales!


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hey all; share some good news for those who are interested. got this in my email just. but no warranty one lei...

Dear Members,

We will be having a Clearance Sale. Please refer below:


(Selected Combo items only... Drums, Guitars, Digital Musical Instruments & Combo Accessories)

Additional 5% discount to all Yamaha students & Yamaha Music Card members.
First-come-first-served basis.
All items do not come with warranty/guarantee.

140 Paya Lebar Road
#07-10 A-Z Building
Singapore 409015

Dates: 28, 29 & 30 January 2005

Time: 10a.m. - 5p.m.

(Payment by Cash or Nets only. Cash & carry items only while stocks last)

Thank you for your attention.

Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd
well wadever their reasons for holding this sale , i'm going there on friday to check it out.not too far from my daily hangout place thou =)

although discounts up 80% can actually mean discounts from 1% to 80%...anything which falls in this range can be a little bit catchy.

oh well yamaha better have those metronomes of theirs on sale cause these tick tock machines are costly these days.
Z3r0_G said:
they purposely did it b4 chi new yr....

so we can't use ang pao money. boos.


i agree.... comfirm put like tt so we go see their good stuff...tempt us.... den when we finally can succumb to temptation they rasie the price back... hahah... its a conspiracy
Yamaha LE sale

This is a absolutely a LE sale !?

By the time I get in with my quene number,
all the meat are eaten, left with all the bones. *sigh*

Those who got in early sure got a real good deal !
Congratulations to those who got the good meat.
by the time I got in only left with some accessories ?! *sigh*
Was there this morning at eleven. Only get to see the people infront of me come out with guitars and stuff. By the time I get in, nothing left. Really disappointed. All the waiting and travelling for nothing. Wonder how are they going to sustain the 3 days sale with all their goods sold within the first day.
Re: Yamaha LE sale

hey john, what kind of accessories? anyway i thought of going tomorrow, getting some stuff for my bass guitar. need a case(extra wide one), stand and truss rod wrench. will i find these items there? what other stuff they got in the sale anyway?

and wats this about queue number? how exactly is the sale being run? its THAT crowded ah?
yeah went today at abt one..
only one model of yamaha electric guiatr was left going at 300..
all the rest mostly folk guitars!!
wasted lah!!
other items on sale ?

maybe they have other items on sale tmr?

if you guys did notice there are PSR series keyboards
and other items being covered up in the centre of the warehse.
these might be on sale for the next 2 days!

where are the electric pianos today?

... ... anyone still going Sat, Sun ???
what??? no mroe good stuff??? arghhh!!! was thinking of going tomorrow...nehmind la...another time perhaps. in singapore, there will always be a sale...heh..
:lol: :lol: ...haha....hello kitty syndrome what.

I was also curious and tempted to follow the crowd to go at 10am. Alas, business call, gotta make money first.

heehee.....they should have some gimmicky stuffs like $99 gits with one hum and one vol on it only.....haha.
fibredrive said:
what??? no mroe good stuff??? arghhh!!! was thinking of going tomorrow...nehmind la...another time perhaps. in singapore, there will always be a sale...heh..

my frens were there and we have a fren working there as well. They asked the manager when would the next sales be. The reply was "When the moon cross the sun..." or something like tt. which my frens translated to "wait long long..."


Was hoping to get some monitors...
sigh. so sad. i've never been able to have the luxury of going for a sale on the first day, to get first pick one. must take leave for the next one...no more Mr Nice Guy...bwahaha...