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X Japan anyone?

Hide´s Guitars are cool !

Endless rain always makes me wanna cry ... :cry:

your views on this band?

Ur other Fav. Bands?

GnR? Smashing Pumpkins?

How bout Solo players? Steve Vai? Joe? Malmsteen?

Cheers :D
ah, yesh... dun forget ´Loudness´. They made history and influenced a lot metal bands in Japan. Akira Takasaki is the best Japanese Metal guitarist of all time!

There´s also a little known japanese metal band called ´Animetal´. From the name, you can tell they do a lot of animation sound tracks, notable ones for Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), my fav. being ´Juu Pon Katana´...

other japanese lineups I like include ´The Brilliant Green´, ´Love Pyschedelico´ and Bonnie Pink. Pop but distinctively Jap style.
HEY! I think X Japan is (were?) a great band. Definitely one of my favourites to LISTEN to. And they do good live shows as well.

Infact Akira and Hide are 2 different persons but hey Akira is better hehehe.....no offence
X-Japan were the coolest then...too bad I only managed to find their stuff after they disbanded...anyway, anybody know about Dir en Grey? Their producer is the great Yoshiki-sama. So good...I think Dir en Grey´s music are cool...
I agree, i love X-japan too. I esp love silent jealousy. DID YA SEE THE SOLO????? it totally blow minds off. Even my younger brother love that song. Well, Hide was cool. I also like Luna Sea, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Malice Mizer...some j-rock stuff. not pretty well versed in j-rock. still new to ALL kinda rock. =D
My most love Jap Group ...
I respect the whole group but what really impressive is teh arrangement of the whole group .. each of them have their own important role..
Yoshiki. is teh ultimate..!!! All song he written... all those Hits Ballads..!!
Wao.. Kaoz.. i really hope one day i can write and arrange like him...
Hide solo is creative too.. always bring another climate to teh whole song...haha I learn my arrangement solos fr X-Japan!!!
They ROCK!!!
Oh I think X-Japan kicks ass. Just finished watching the Last Live concert recently, and it was great, except for all the staged crying, which I felt was kind of stupid. One of the great things I like about X-Japan is how versatile they are. It really doesn't matter what you like; thrash, heavy, speed, industrial, pop, techno...they've got something for everyone.

i like x japan too, i fact j-rock is nice... fav bands are Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Aucifer ( y they disband??!) , Luna Sea, L'arc~en~ciel, Kagrra etc:
I think it's a curse for me....
I lurved X-Japan, then they disbanded....then Hide died....
then I supported Luna Sea...then they disbanded.....none died yet! lol

For now, I'm still looking for a "worthy" substitute to X-japan (after all these years)...Luna Sea did it for awhile...

As for HIDE, he's just so darn cool! but I always thought Pata was the better guitarist in the band, he does most of the hard solo stuff. But it's really amazing how those two fellas can harmonize their solos so well!

Catch Paul Gilbert too, he's always joining those Japs in their bands for gigs....Billy Sheehan too.
A big fan of X JAPAN here..to set the record straight, it's hide..always spelt with a lowercase h..

I think what's appealing about X's music is the symphonic-rock style of Yoshiki's compositions. The classical influence on X's music is very evident..like how Yoshiki fuses orchestral music with rock and make them sound like they belong..(like how he drummed to Tchaikovsky's Serenade for String Orchestra in C major in The Last Live)

Anyone here heard Art of Life before? It's the 30 mins song by X JAPAN. Yoshiki uses parts from the Unfinished Symphony ^_^

I think one reason why X's music is so appealing to rock and classical/pop lovers is because of the very distinct melodies which sound good on rock instruments, on the piano and on most classical instruments..plus the X members are all incredibly skilled musicians..where else do you find a top-rate drummer cum pianist like Yoshiki?
heh heh, why is it that i find jrock fan seem to be such passionate, almost worshipping style of liking their idol and thinking that they are the best thing that has ever happen to music. Same with the ppl in another local forum.....

No offence to x japan fan(i myself into them too, from way back 1991) or other jrock fan i hope.....

There are many many other form of music that can be more extreme, innovative and technical than commercial jrock stuff, imho........
Everyone has their favourites :D
And X happens to appeal to me like no ever band has ever before..so...

You mentioned music "more extreme, innovative and technical than commercial jrock stuff"...care to intro me to some?? I'm open to all genres.

Btw, I've always thought jrock bands were quite uncommercial..just listen to j-pop..-__-;;;
yes x japan is great. yoshiki writes nice stuffs. but as i grow and look more into different kinda music i did find some things which are better..
but still x japan is my fav band of all time haha.

and yes to hideo silent jealousy got a great solo lol. i learnt it too XD

anyway i think sonata arctica is nice XD XD they did a little bit of silent jealousy's cover. it's a english band though, from finland.
meshuggah, dillinger escape plan, cynic, locust etc. These few are the more popular one

Besides the above, just go to goggle.com and key in scandinavian metal, i believe there will be a lot of info on the various bands from norway, sweden, finland etc. From black metal to melodic to viking to progressive metal to opera metal :lol:

in term of those sweet harmonising solo, if you are into those, just check out iron madien, inflames, children of bodom etc. Most band with double guitarist playing melodic metal like to have those type of harmonising solo
There is another side to jap music from the underground. I myself also not too familiar. Jrock music, judging by the acceptance and support they have over there, imho its hardly uncommercial at all.

Check out this site http://www.sound.co.jp/~grind/j-underground/. Got some info bout the jap underground music. One thing about it, i find quite a number of jap underground band has the noise influence in their music. If you are new to the noise scene, it might be a torture to you. Its not meant to be listen as normal music, it seem more like a state of mind/emotion and mood, what ever that mean :D
I first heard X japan back in 1990 and was impressed by silent jelousy. Good melody and guitarwork too.

meshuggah, dillinger escape plan, cynic, locust etc. These few are the more popular one

Cynic...What can i say, very technical guitarwork from paul masvidal & jason gobel 8O