WTT/MWTS 2 Boutique Overdrives


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Hi all!

I have 2 fantastic overdrives I'm looking to trade simply to experiment around with new sounds!

1. Walrus Audio Messner ($260)

Physical Condition 9/10
It has one slight discolouration on the left side of the enclosure. It cannot be seen from top down or when another pedal is placed next to it. Other than that, the face of the pedal is in perfect condition. It is only 5 months old, got it direct from Walrus Audio.

Working Condition 10/10

2. Bearfoot FX Honey Bair ($280)

This is a RARE 4-knob version of the Bearfoot Honey Bee OD. The graphic is the Red Balloon Winnie the Pooh handpainted model; only 9 colours were produced and 2 pedals for each colour worldwide. This means that there are only 18 of these pedals with this particular graphic.

Physical Condition is 9.5/10
2 small blemishes by the right side, other than that it looks amazing!

Working Condition 10/10

Both pedals come with their respective boxes. I'm looking to trade for either a White/Gold JHS Morning Glory or a Greer Lightspeed.
I might consider selling them if the price is right.

As always, for more details or pictures please text me at 96510605.

Cheers all!