SOLD WTS : YAMAHA UPRIGHT PIANO - U1A , Year 1984: In good condition!

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Do offer me your price and we will negotiate ! THANKS

Brief intro of the model:

A perennial favourite among discerning pianists, this piano offers outstanding musical performance,
setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. Where space is a concern, you wont find a more reliably constructed piano for its size or price. This piano is one of the most famous & popular of the 'petite' kind on the market today. It was the 'U' series that gave Yamaha an international reputation of quality mass produced professional upright instruments. Before Yamaha opened up this market it was dominated almost exclusively by European stock. As European pianos became more & more expensive, Yamaha with new techniques of mass production enabled them to successfully take over & dominate this section of the market through competitively low price points, consistency of product, quality components & great design. From a piano technicians point of view the U series offers the best balance of quality vs cost. There are 'better' uprights, but these come with a much much larger price ticket. The U series were 'family affordable' until some years ago. Brand new, the U series is an expensive instrument & this has resulted in us looking elsewhere for quality pianos to supply our clients. The "as new" Japanese imported instrument market allows us to deliver to our discerning clients U series models in impeccable "as new" condition at virtually half the cost of a brand new instrument. The U1 is ideal for those who find the height & general size of the U3 series to be too dominating in their room setting or size. Overall: The great thing about purchasing one of our Yamaha U1 uprights is that it is an industry standard, is highly regarded worldwide, will retain its value as the greatest portion of the depreciation has already happened, & will be enjoyed by yourself & others listening for years to come, as they are built to stand the test of time.

Similar to this in the website:

Just that mine is in dark brown. :)

Can email me for pictures ! Thanks !
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