SOLD WTS: Roland Fantom 8 Workstation Flagship Piano Synthesizer

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zach lee

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Selling a pristine condition Roland Fantom 8, 88 keys workstation keyboard!

This is Roland’s flagship workstation synthesiser, newest on the market ( newer than the Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos, )

Features flagship wooden-plastic hybrid PHA-50 action with escapement, best keybed ive played on an electronic piano and feels as if I’m playing a real grand piano.

Realistic piano samples and modelling (V piano), able to edit and tweak piano samples to your taste. I prefer some of the pianos to the Nord’s.

It’s purchased & loaded with the following expansion packs :

Jupiter 8 synth engine
Juno 106 synth engine
JX-8P synth engine
SH-101 synth engine
n_zyme (wavetable synth engine)
EXSN01: SuperNatural acoustic piano1
EXSN02: SuperNatural epiano 1
EXSN03: SuperNatural acoustic piano2
EXZ001: Stage piano 1
EXZ002: Stage piano 2
EXZ003: Session drums
EXZ004: Power drums
EXZ005: Studio sounds
EXZ006: World instruments
EXZ007: Orchestra
EXZ008: Vintage keys
EXZ009: Symphonique str
EXZ010: Big brass ens
EXZ011: Classic EPs
EXZ012: Dance Trax
EXZ013: Concert grand piano
EXZ2014: Complete piano
EXZ2015: Vintage synth

(It has some popular song presets as well)

Retails for $5.7K on sweelee excluding the sound packs.

Looking for $3500.

If keen, please message me at 97||O477

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