WTS Yamaha SLG200S TBS silent guitar+ guitar stand.


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Yamaha SLG200S TBS silent guitar+ guitar stand.
SLG200S tobacco sunburst.
Used for 6 months, with new strings, best ones, changed last week (see pictures) and guitar stand for free. The fretboard has been polished, the guitar looks&sounds gorgeous, either plugged or with the earphones.
I sell it because I have 3 more guitars.
Durable gig bag included, AC adaptor and earphones.
Can deal anywhere in Singapore.
Inspired by traditional classical guitar design, the SLG200N features a slim neck, thin body, and low action that lets players adopt a more aggressive style, allowing even those players who wouldn't normally choose to perform with a classical guitar to play it with ease.
Yamaha SRT Powered pickup system for great performance sound
Super-compact, with detachable frame for easy travel
1 31/32" (50mm) nut width
Headphone jack for ultra-quiet practicing
Onboard tuner
The neck shape and 634mm scale length of the SLG200S continue the design legacy of conventional acoustic guitars, while its ultra-slim body is perfect for players of both acoustic and electric instruments.
Only for serious buyers.


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