WTS/WTT: Massive Pedal Sale!


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I've gone an accumulated wayyy too many pedals for my own health.

I'd like to put the money to better use and switch to a more minimalist approach. Will be back in Singapore end of November.

Here's the pedals up for sale


Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup OD - $200 - BNIB Condition

Rockett Pedals Guthrie Trapp Signature OD - $220 - BNIB Condition

Xotic AC Plus Dual Channel OD - $250 Mint condition no box

Xotic AC Booster Comp - $220 Great pedal! Some of the best lead tones I've heard from a box

BJFE Honey Bee - $550 - extremely rare new Honey Bee from Bjorn Juhl

BJFE Pink Purple Fuzz - $550 - extremely rare, great condition fuzz, hardly can find one anywhere

Throne Room Pedals Coming Messiah OD - $220 Discontinued, exceptional good sounding overdrive with humbuckers/p90's, probably one of the biggest surprises. Mint with box

Mad Professor Simble OD - $250 Great Dumble Style OD. I hardly play with much dirt anymore hence the clearance. Mint

Klon KTR - $430 Excellent with slight surface scratches that aren't visible normally.

Bondi Sick As Overdrive - $250 Great OD, extra pedal. Mint

Way Huge Saucy Box - $200 I have 2 of these, extremely good pedal, makes me wonder why I buy boutique. Mint

Emerson EM Drive Limited Edition Chalk - $220 Great sounding boost pedal, definitely recommended as an always on pedal


Wampler Faux Tape Echo v2 - $220 - Great warm sounding analog delay with tap tempo! Mint w/ box

MXR Limited Edition Hendrix Uni Vibe - $200 Really sweet sounding uni-vibe, holds its own well against the likes of deja-vibe and other vibe pedals! Cool collectible as well

Neunaber Echelon Stereo Echo v2 - $250 Fantastic pedal, I have a slate which is why I no longer require this. Tap Tempo optional for another $20

Guyatone Wah Rocker WRM-5 - $200 The Guthrie pedal, extremely cool and dynamic auto wah sounds.

JHS Panther - $550 Extremely rare discontinued Panther, I will miss this pedal heaps, as I need the board space. Mint with box.

Walrus Audio Descent $450 - I don't know how they make a reverb pedal this good! Definitely going to miss it. Mint with box.


Specifically -
Cioks AC10/DC10 - Ciokolate
Axe Fx 2
Kemper Profiling Amp/Rack
Bogner Amps
Top Hat Amps
Morgan Amps
Friedman Amps

Strymon Brigadier v2
Strymon Timeline
Strymon Bigsky
Eventide H9
Eventide Space

Diamond Compressor
XTS Pedals
Bogner Pedals

Foxrox Aquavibe
Klon Centaur
Toneczar Echozar

That's about it. Feel free to offer me if you have something cool, no harm trying.

I would interested in trading the lots for guitars in the realms of Suhr/Tom Anderson/James Tyler's etc.

Whatsapp me at +60149003294, or e-mail me at jesse.aeon@gmail.com

Prices are negotiable based on quantity, or hit me with a reasonable offer. Lowballers, I really don't have time for you :\