Pedalboard Clearance

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Selling the following.

Mesa Grid Slammer - $150
JET Pedals Revelation v2 MIDI (blackout, w/ box BNIB) - $330
Neunaber Expanse V2 - $200
Disaster Area NNB MIDI Bridge - $100

Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit - $120
Most of the stock DC power cables cut up because I made custom length cables out of them. You can have the custom cables and see whether they suit your needs.

Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/ Mono Tour Case, rails covered in 250 Density 3M Dual Lock - $200

ALL PEDALS HAVE BEEN STOMPED ON, GIGGED WITH, TOURED WITH, AND LOVED WITH ALL MY HEART (and feet). Physical conditions vary, but all of them are in 100% working condition. Not for people fussy about pedal appearances.

WhatsApp me at 9 0 0 two six 7 4 nine. Deal in Tampines, buy more stuff get discounts.

Thanks for reading!