Pedalboard Clearance


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Getting rid of my pedalboard + pedals as I’ve downgraded to a more portable rig. I gig quite often and use some of these pedals frequently, so whilst they may not be in the best condition visually, rest assured they all still work fine.

Pedalizer Custom Board (30x76cm) + TRex Chameleon Power Supply - $250
Dunlop DVP03 Volume X Pedal- $100
Matthew Effecst Cartographer - $150
EHX Micro Pog - $200
Morningstarfx MC6 - $300
Custom Stereo Junction Box w/ tuner out (by Morningstarfx) - $80
Strymon Timeline - $480
ZVex Super Hard On Clone (by Morningstarfx) - $80
J Rockett Archer - $200
Cornerstone Sparkle Drive v1 - $150
True Bypass Looper (by TYMC) - $50

Buy 2 pedals for $10 off, 3 pedals for $20 off.

Feel free to message me at 97600149 to deal, or for more details about any of the pedals!

Alternatively, you can head over to Carousell if you prefer to deal there:
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