WTS/WTT: Fender Tom Delonge Deluxe Strat MIM modded, hardcase 650!!


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Hello all. Fender Mex Tom Delonge Deluxe Strat. Colour is black. Custom ordered it from swee lee few years back. Sticker is on headstock. Did a mod to it, changed the original duncan invader with a duncan P-rails humbucker. Reason I did this is to make the strat sound like a vintage one as the wiring can be set up in series for a more vintage sound or parallel for higher output, most people don't like this guitar because its a single humbucker guitar with a single volume nob and say its not versatile. Well the P-rails I added solves this. This humbucker by seymour duncan can make 3 sounds however adding one to a guitar will require adding an extra toggle switch which may be messy and confusing when your guitar has so many switches. However the tom delonge strat being a single humbucker guitar with no switches, adding one keeps the guitar sleek while adding versitality. How does the P-rails sound with the guitar? Well at the rythym toggle, it creates a single coil P-90 sound, and on the treble it the P-rail makes the guitar replicate the spanky sound of a tele. and the middle switch adds both of them up to create a full humbucker sound. Having said this this the P-rails is not just a replicator but has an actual humbucker and single coil in it so this guitar can make gibson p90 creamy sounds and fender glassy sounds at bridge position, versitile in its own way. Has a little ding on it condition I'd say 8/10, it comes with a hardcase at a price of $650. This guitars are out of production now so its pretty rare to find. Well there you have it a full description of my guitar, feel free to come try it at my place. For trades looking for les pauls or strats. Feel free to contact me but not looking for ibanez, acoustics or china made guitar. topups when neccesarry.

contact me 92215370 for details.
Click on link for pics cheers!

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