SOLD WTS: Whiteface RAT Reissue (The LEGEND!)

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The most sought after RATS are the whiteface ones without LED. In 2010, Proco released a limited release of an exact copy of these pedals. They still go for crazy prices on Initially it was sold for US$299 retail/US$199 street in 2010.
ProCo did their homework, using the same steel chassis, circuit board layout, large CTS pots and the crucial LM308 chip, and true bypass switch. And the work paid off—this pedal sounds as close to the original as you can get without owning the real deal.




JHS maker Josh Scott claims that the Rat is his favourite distortion circuit. (MUST WATCH these 2 youtube links)

Rat players:
Dave Grohl - "Sometimes we'd double a track using an old Pro Co Rat, and then hard-pan the parts so that a super-distorted guitar was in the left channel and a grindy guitar was in the right. Then we'd sprinkle in lots of clean guitar overdubs," explains Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl about the Pro Co RAT Distortion Pedal.
Kurt Cobain - used for the recording of "Nevermind"
James Hetfield - Used in Kill em all in combination with a modified marshall
Hozier - used by Hozier for "Take Me To Church"
Nuno Bettencourt - "I used to use the RAT pedal back in the day but I put what it did in my signature amp at the front end. If I use a Marshall amp, I still use the RAT."
John Scofield
Justin Hawkins
..... and many more artist

Built with the iconic '80s-era white logo chassis, classic three-knob layout of distortion, filter, and volume all with the addition of the highly coveted LM308 chip which put this pedal on the map, the ProCo RAT Whiteface Reissue is a gain-laden blast from the past. Capable of traversing the spectrum from a warm gritty blues tone to the signature treble-centric piercing wail RATs staked their name on, this compact box pumps out throaty, versatile tone. From the tones of "Eruption" to an SRV wail and beyond, the Whiteface is up for the challenge.

Asking $270
Comes with Box, pedal
Good condition. One small nick on the left top side as seen in the photo.
Sms Nine seven 8 I eight 8 o zero
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