WTS: ARC Effects Soothsayer (One of the best LM308 Rat pedals)


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This delivers one of the best classic distortion tones - a LM308 chip Proco Rat style pedal.



Rat players:
Dave Grohl - "Sometimes we'd double a track using an old Pro Co Rat, and then hard-pan the parts so that a super-distorted guitar was in the left channel and a grindy guitar was in the right. Then we'd sprinkle in lots of clean guitar overdubs," explains Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl about the Pro Co RAT Distortion Pedal.
Kurt Cobain - used for the recording of "Nevermind"
James Hetfield - Used in Kill em all in combination with a modified marshall
Hozier - used by Hozier for "Take Me To Church"
Nuno Bettencourt - "I used to use the RAT pedal back in the day but I put what it did in my signature amp at the front end. If I use a Marshall amp, I still use the RAT."
John Scofield
Justin Hawkins
..... and many more artist


Bjorn from Gilmourish.com rates it the best Rat he's played - http://www.gilmourish.com/?p=5362

An all encompassing take on the LM308 equipped King of Kalamazoo (RAT pedal)! At it's core is a purist friendly classic distortion with the addition of 4 clipping options (classic, boutique, open, turbo LED), internally switched hi (standard) and low (overdrive) gain modes, and a Filter control implemented in reverse to respond like a traditional tone control giving you endless configurations. These features make it equally as usable for low gain overdriven tones as it is high gain distortion/fuzz tone and everything in between. Under the hood you'll find the absolute highest quality components available with no ceramic or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path, hand-wired construction, and true bypass switching for superior tone and reliability. A classic reborn!

Asking $220
Condition is excellent. Velcro at bottom
Sms Nine seven 8 I eight 8 o zero
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