WTS: Vox AC15VR Valve Reactor 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp


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Using an "old-school" split-panel design, the VOX AC15VR guitar amplifier from the Valve Reactor series offers two distinct channels-Normal and Overdrive-with the Overdrive channel adding a separate Gain knob. In addition, the overdrive Style button delivers two distinctive flavors.

In addition to the Master Volume and Master Reverb, both channels of the VOX AC15VR guitar amp (Normal and Overdrive) share the same Treble and Bass tone controls. The amplifier's Overdrive channel features a Gain knob to add just the right amount of warmth and snarl to your sound. The 15W power amp feeds into a single 12" custom-designed Celestion speaker for attention-grabbing tone.

  • Input jack
  • Normal volume control
  • Channel switching button
  • Overdrive style button
  • Overdrive channel gain control
  • Channel select LED
  • Overdrive channel volume control
  • Bass control
  • Treble control
  • Power LED
  • Mains power switch
  • Footswitch jack
  • External loudspeaker jack
  • Mains power connector/fuse

* Comes as it is , no box or manual but has a 3-pin power plug.
* Item is very good condition, no rust or major wear/ tear and 100% working condition. Awesome VOX sound!
* Only selling for $240
* Test it during weekdays in Pasir Ris only. SELF COLLECT please.
* WhatsApp to 818617 24