WTS TL Audio VP-1 Mono Tube Processor


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In recent years, the analogue voice processor has become an indispensable direct link between microphone and multitrack recorder, enabling engineers to capture the highest quality vocal sound on tape or hard disc - without the compromises in sound quality that most mixing consoles impose.
Going straight to multitrack through a well designed voice processor has unlocked the true potential of microphones and transformed the sound of modern vocal recordings.

The TLA VP-1 combines all the best elements of the PA-1 pentode preamp, C-1 compressorand EQ-2 parametric equaliser to create a truly flexible and spectacular sounding valve front end for any audio system.

The VP-1 features seven valve stages, run from a stabilised 250v DC supply. The first stage is a Siemens EF86 pentode in the front end of the preamp, followed by six Sovtek ECC83/12AX7A stages - one in the secondary stage of the preamp, one in the compressor and four in the EQ section.

The main features of the TL Audio VP-1 include:

  • A truly flexible and great sounding valve front end for any audio system
  • The VP-1 is the complete analogue processing solution
  • Valve and Class A preamp stages
  • Valve and optical compression circuits
  • Expander/Gate
  • High quality de-esser
  • Optical peak limiter
  • Optional 24/96 digital output (DO-1 Digital Output Card)

Selling this unit for only $2420.

If interested, contact me @ 8123 3974.